Distopia Driver (Found Object Sonic Screwdriver)


Introduction: Distopia Driver (Found Object Sonic Screwdriver)

About: I guess I'm like just about everyone else on this site: I like to take a dream, mold it with my own hands and see it released into the world hoping someone will like it. Cheers.

I made this from stuff in my desk.  I'm not going to ask that anyone go easy on my work, but I do wish everyone remain civil. 
Please comment and give thoughts, thanks.



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    Are you using hot glue on this AWESOME done project? I love this work

    It looks like the doctor was left on a deserted planet without the tardis for a few hundred years and had to fix his sonic to keep the inhabitants at bay.

    Is this supposed to be a sonic screwdriver like device?

    I am adding a "Glaive" knife that I made. Basically a usable Prop weapon (Real blades).

    Trumpet mouthpiece(please tell me it's not silver!)
    tension coil spring.
    223 Remington case
    30-06 case
    hose clamp
    1/4 inch steel tube
    red pen body
    2 hard drive platter spacers,
    and a red crayon?

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    Very good, and no, the mouthpiece isn't silver. Sorry, no crayon.