Step 3: What You Need

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Parts list (for my method):

-Two 9-Volt batteries
-Four 100 ohm resistors
-One LM741 op amp
-One 1K ohm resistor (1000 ohm)
-One .1 uF capacitor (any type)
-Two 4.7K ohm resistors (4700 ohm)
-Two 1N914 switching diodes
-One red LED
-A project case
-Two mono 1/4" (6.3mm) female jacks
-One DPDT switch (two way 6 pin)
-One on/off switch
-Perf board (with copper rings on bottom)
-Thin wire
-Soldering iron
-Two 9 volt battery holders (just take the tops off of two dead 9 volt batteries, the batteries will fit into them perfectly)

I also suggest getting a solder sucker and some soldering braid. Very useful stuff!

All of the above can be purchased at Radio Shack, so no need to hunt around. The total price should be around $10, unless you need a soldering iron. Those usually run about $10-$20.
stuntdude474 years ago
Where did you get your case? And please could you tell me what a One DPDT switch (two way 6 pin) means. I'm new to this
heyzuphowsitgoin (author)  stuntdude474 years ago
I got my case at radioshack.

And, http://www.boiseastro.org/images/switch-contacts.jpg

The internet is a powerful tool.
Thank you. This is very helpful.
caseyC0885 years ago
what voltage for the   .1 uF capacitor
is 63v okay?
ephenclark6 years ago
What are the wattage on the resistors?
Im guessing just standard 1/4 watt metal film resistors
I think that that's usually what op stands for in that context.
Rasengan6 years ago
I went on the radio shack website and found an LM714CN Amp, does the cn matter, and by op do you mean operational?