I made this costume for last Halloween; I searched around and looked for movie themed costumes that could be created in under a week. I figured this one would best suit me, and it was a huge success at the party I went to! Most of the materials were either salvaged or scraps from old projects.

Credit where credit is due! These instructables gave me inspiration
also listed below are the photos I found that helped me design my weapon, ID and hand.

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Step 1: Material lists

Prawn hand
Thick foam (scavenged from shipping material in my Xbox shipping box)
Black, grey and red acrylic paints
Plasti-dip (black)
white cotton cloth
contact cement
whacky tack glue
clear coat spray
needle and thread or an old glove
house hold silicon filler

hot knife
xacto knife

Alien rifle

3"x1' abs pipe
3"x3' poplar wood
misc. scrap wood
1/4" aluminum tubing
scrap aluminum strip
5 hour energy bottle
EL wire kit (white and orange)
foam core board
misc parts from a broken massager
pearl white sprat paint
orange, black and gray acrylic paint
contact cement
wood glue
2 part epoxy

drill press
band saw
sand paper
xacto knife

ID badge

Drawing program
necklace badge holder


Step 2: The prawn hand: step one

Picture 045.jpg
Picture 046.jpg
Start off with either an old glove or sew one up out of an old shirt. Next gather the foam and cut the pieces out with a hot knife, similar to the sketch up photo below. The cuts do not need to be pretty, infact the uglier the better.

Take the contact cement and glue the prawn fingers together adding support to the middle one as needed.

Take some of the extra pieces and glue them on the fingers to add knuckle creases and veins.

Put the glove on your hand, get the foam pieces in place and glue the white cotton cloth to the glove and foam. As shown in the photos. Do this until it is thick and feels sturdy.
desertsniper (author) 4 months ago
I'll post my Elysium costume soon
That's one of my favorite sci-fi movies. Well done!
Nick705872 years ago
Man, thats pretty awesome! And you make it seem like you just slapped it together as if its no big deal. I am impressed.
desertsniper (author)  Nick705872 years ago
Thanks! I had some of the stuff laying around and just kinda threw it together and it came out well. now i just need to figure out a costume for this halloween!