Diva Plavalaguna: How to make this supremely amazing Fifth Element costume

Step 2: The Dress

Picture of The Dress
Now this can potentially be either the easiest or most challenging part of the costume. Here are your options for making the basic dress.

1) Hand make the dress from scratch using light weight, breathable fabric with the help of a good sewing machine and a dress pattern

2) Buy an already made dress the same color and style as the Diva's dress

3) Use either a zentai suit with added skirt or a bodysuit with skirt combo

For my costume, the initial idea was to build onto an existing dress. The problem with that was finding a dress of the right style & color not to mention how hot the dress would have become had we added the right color fabric over top of the dress. Always remember to keep your costumes comfortable and functional. As this costume dress extends to your wrists, down to the floor and right to your neck, you want it to be as cool as possible.

When making the dress, be sure the fabric is strong enough to support a little weight (I'll explain why later) and that you leave a large flare out at the base of the skirt with a narrow channel. Through this little channel, you will be feeding the mold-able wire. Once the wire is secured within the dress (be sure to secure both ends of the wire to eachother before sewing the channel closed), you can then proceed to bend the wire into the waves featured in the costume's skirt. Unfortunately the wire I used didn't hold it's shape long after wandering through a busy Comic Con (and being bumped into by many people) so try a few options.