Introduction: Dividing Fractions

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Dividing fractions may seem very difficult at first glance but is actually quite easy. In a few simple steps, I will show you how it is done.

Step 1: Write Out the Equation

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This is very straight forward. It may seem like an unnessary step to put in this instructable but many times people don't write the equation itself, including me. If you do this, it makes everything much easier, especially if you make a mistake. In this case the equation is 5/7 divided by 8/15. The image below shows how it should be set up.

Step 2: Take the Reciprocal of the Divisor.

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The divisor is the second fraction in the equation. To take the reciprocal, simply switch the numerator and the deneminator. Then replace the divisor with this number. For the equation I am changing 8/15 into 15/8. As you can see, the numerator became the denominator and vise versa.

Step 3: Switch Out the Division Sign

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Take out the division sign and replace it with a multiplication sign. The equation becomes 5/7 times 15/8.

Step 4: Solve

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Solve. To solve, multiply the two numerators together. Then, multiply the two denominators together. You now have your answer. In the example, the answer is 60/56, or simplified as 15/14.


segooch (author)2009-02-05

am i the only one who sees a problem with this

mcguyverzboss (author)segooch2009-05-06

I see. SME's my favorite. It appears 5 * 15 = 75 and not 60. Other than that the method works. Good eye you have in catching the silly math error. Took me a while.

mrmucox (author)segooch2009-02-05

Nope, you're not alone.

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