Diving Eagle K'nex Roller Coaster





Introduction: Diving Eagle K'nex Roller Coaster

Here's my latest coaster! I'm proud to present Diving Eagle, my first Eurofighter coaster. IT includes a cobra roll, overbanked turn and Zero-G roll/ Barrel roll. Please comment and Subscribe!




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    I know this is a little dated, but do you have a part count or which sets did you use for this? I'm starting to get into building coasters again with my daughter, and we want to try some "outside the box" types.

    Bringing up the next generation with knex! You have my utmost respect! I reckon go custom with as much as you've got! The best way to better your skills is to create your own models. Of course, inspiration can help and showing progress also allows other to help you. If you're planning to build mainly coasters id highly recommend SScoasters.net. You basically post progress reports and the community helps you to fix and troubleshoot your model. BUt just go for it. I reckon Your daughter could come up with some cool ideas for it anyway!

    i have a feeling the music in the video is made by DragonForce...

    cool i have the same roller coaster that you and the set!! you are my favourite pros

    this is not a set. :P it's a bunch of sets that I used.

    yes i know. but the roller coasters are from the sonic blizzard

    you mean the cars> the roller coaster is the whole thing. The cars are from Sonic Blizzard

    yes... its because i am frenche its a little bit hard

    and its pretty supportive