Step 6: Beyond Dixie Cups

Picture of Beyond Dixie Cups
Triangular prism carcboard mailing boxes! Any size will do, so long as they are equilateral triangular in cross-section. Ask and you shall recieve instructions - otherwise, I'm too lazy to type them.
micronxd8 years ago
o shit that's awesome! never seen a cardboard mailing box of that shape b4 tho
you could just pig out and get 12 toblerone packs and open them very carefully!
I really like this one. Can you please post the instructions for it?
well, take a close look of the picture: you need 12 pieces, 3 runs vertical, then 3 runs perpendicular respect the first group, the next group of 3 runs from left down side to top rigth side and the last gruoup of 3 from right bottom to the left top. I hope helps
vmiller6 years ago
PLEASE!!! I want to make this.. yes you are a rock star v
May I have the instructions to do this one? =] credits to you when I'm turning in my geometry project!
manmelvin8 years ago
whoa dude that is sooo cool but u have way too much time on your hands. still that my not be a bat thing if ur creating cool stuff like that. where did u get the boxes?
I'd LOVE to know how to make this one! Can you please post it here? Thanks! Love your work.