Ham, cheese and pulled pork..... whats not to like !  This long time favorite started out like a lot of sandwichs with leftovers, for the original I started with garlic toast, deli ham and american cheese with left over pulled pork, wrapped in tinfoil, I "cooked" them on the exhaust manifolds of the car. The wraps came in when I needed something to take to a party which is also where they got the name.

Step 1: Getting Ready

Here's what your going to need to recreate this tasty wrap

 deli ham
 shredded chedder
 pulled pork
 hot peppers
 bbq sauce
 a heat source
Every build or recipe on here is great - gotta follow you just so I can work my way through some of the brill food. <br> <br>Just found my next project - love the idea of cooking with the car - we get outdoors quite a lot, more so in summer, making a cooking container that stays fixed to the vehicle will keep me busy for a few days ( I bore easy ) - thanks for the instructable, your feedback and the inspiration to build anew. <br> <br>DZ
<p>My truck has a pipe with screw on ends and worm clamps attach it to the headers. We cook hot pockets and wraps like this all the time on the trail.</p>
Thank you for the great comment. Newer cars are more difficult to find an open area to cook on but they are also usually cleaner. It takes a while to cook on an engine or exhaust system so be ready for a good ride
it has pulled pork so yummy is a given !
that looks awesome i cant wait to try it im definitely going to vote for that
(puts the clothes iron on &quot;cotton&quot; setting)
lmao...hadn't thought about that but it could work !

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