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 Ham, cheese and pulled pork..... whats not to like !  This long time favorite started out like a lot of sandwichs with leftovers, for the original I started with garlic toast, deli ham and american cheese with left over pulled pork, wrapped in tinfoil, I "cooked" them on the exhaust manifolds of the car. The wraps came in when I needed something to take to a party which is also where they got the name.

Step 1: Getting ready

Picture of getting ready
Here's what your going to need to recreate this tasty wrap

 deli ham
 shredded chedder
 pulled pork
 hot peppers
 bbq sauce
 a heat source
darrenhall2 years ago
Every build or recipe on here is great - gotta follow you just so I can work my way through some of the brill food.

Just found my next project - love the idea of cooking with the car - we get outdoors quite a lot, more so in summer, making a cooking container that stays fixed to the vehicle will keep me busy for a few days ( I bore easy ) - thanks for the instructable, your feedback and the inspiration to build anew.


My truck has a pipe with screw on ends and worm clamps attach it to the headers. We cook hot pockets and wraps like this all the time on the trail.

l8nite (author)  darrenhall2 years ago
Thank you for the great comment. Newer cars are more difficult to find an open area to cook on but they are also usually cleaner. It takes a while to cook on an engine or exhaust system so be ready for a good ride
triumphman4 years ago
l8nite (author)  triumphman4 years ago
it has pulled pork so yummy is a given !
nikon204 years ago
that looks awesome i cant wait to try it im definitely going to vote for that
caitlinsdad4 years ago
(puts the clothes iron on "cotton" setting)
l8nite (author)  caitlinsdad4 years ago
lmao...hadn't thought about that but it could work !