Introduction: Diy 4th of July Pyrotechnics

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Want fireworks, but your parents won't let you buy them? Sick of high prices? 10pm on the 4th and all the stores are closed? Whatever your reason is, you don't have to miss out on the fun. You can make your own fireballs for free!



Step 1: Gather Materials

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You only need:

-Sawdust. Finer particles are better, but anything will work.
-Trash can. Steel is best. This is sort of optional.
-Torch or piece of wood. You may also need a lighter or matches. (my torch has a sparker)
-Safety glasses. Better to be safe than sorry. Use a cheap pair, they might get ruined
-Large bucket of water, hose, or extinguisher. For when it gets ugly.

Step 2: Technique

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Grab as much sawdust as you can in your hand. Sprinkle it over the torch. Pull the torch out after a second or so (when it lights). Try this unlit a few times to get the hang of it. As soon as you start sprinkling lean back. You don't want to lose hair.

Step 3: Do It!

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Well, thats it. Now just go OUTSIDE away from trees or other flammable things and do step 2 with the torch (or piece of wood) lit.

Show off to friends and family.

Hope you liked it. If you have any comments or concerns feel free to write them below.


M4industries (author)2010-06-27

Quote- DON'T DO THIS UNLESS YOU ARE A TRAINED PROFESSIONAL. ------------ What is it that makes you a "trained professional"?


KWeippert (author)2009-08-26

This site is for real experiments and cool stuff.....not for drunkin hillbilly antics!!!

XaviaPhoenix (author)KWeippert2010-06-29

Actually, I would think that this site is meant to allow people to give instructions on how to do things. This guy made one on how to nearly kill yourself with a can of sawdust. I think that would be legit. Trust me, there are dumber things on this site than lighting sawdust on fire.

ccrh2008 (author)2009-12-19

I am almost certain that this is illegal( or incredibly stupid), Nevertheless this is AWESOME

comander01 (author)2009-10-14

Try doing this with a shop-vac set on reverse.

sparky23 (author)2008-10-16

ummmmmm in case u dint know pyrotechnics is when stuff EXPLODES this doesnt explode.just fire fire is cool though but still i was hopin for a big boom.BIG BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!

that is not right!! pyrotechnics is anything that involves fire. just look at airbags! they aren't explosive, yet they are pyrotechnic devices

but they do use an explosive charge to deploy.

it isnt explosive. it is jsut a combustion reaction that instantaneously releases gases in excess of the airbag's volume. esplosives require some form of compression. While you could technically argue that it is explosive, i do not consider it so. However, I am not the world.

What makes airbags inflate is a semi-explosive chemical reaction triggered by electricity.

explosion: rapidly expanding gases

Arent airbags deployed by um air?Fire?I think AIRbags are deployed by a sudden rush of air.Not sure though.......maybe your right.......doubt it but ill check wiki......

tudgeanator (author)sparky232009-05-31

If you've ever had a crash in a car or watever, and the airbags went off (like when my mum crashed-i was in the passenger seat) there is loads of smoke from the airbag's explosive charge. But, you are kinda right, because the explosion is surrounded by air, and when the explosion happens it pushes the air (along with other gases) out in all directions,forcing the air bags to pop out infront of your face (hopefully). Oh, and just so you know we were both fine, but the car was completely destroyed, and i had internal bruising in my knee. FUN FUN

LinuxH4x0r (author)tudgeanator2009-05-31

Oof, thats not fun. Its not actually smoke, most of it is a very fine dust.

npkeith (author)sparky232009-01-27

No. Airbags are deployed by nitrogen explosively evolved from the decomposition of sodium azide (NaN3). This also creates free sodium that immediately reacts with moisture in the air to create sodium hydroxide (NaOH), a strong base.

Derin (author)npkeith2009-02-23

But when you make NaOH from Na and moisture(H2O) you will have one hydrogen atom left.

npkeith (author)Derin2009-02-23

And? immediately combines with the other hydrogen from the reaction next door to make H2....and given all the energy flying around, two to those xpmine with a passing O2 to make....water.

Father Christmas (author)npkeith2009-02-23

"xpmine" ???

npkeith (author)Father Christmas2009-02-23

combine. %%$%$ iPhone keyboard!

Father Christmas (author)npkeith2009-02-23

LOL Desktop Computers FTW!

sparky23 (author)npkeith2009-01-28

dude.the only chemistry i know is fire+gunpowder=boom

npkeith (author)sparky232009-01-28

Sorry to rain on your parade (that won't stop me though...;-) ), but fire + gunpowder actually = "whoosh" or maybe "foomp". Fire + gunpowder in an enclosed space = boom. And smoke. Lots of smoke.

sparky23 (author)npkeith2009-01-29

i no that!im not stupid.....usualy. i just simplified.

Truly a crude way of explaining such exothermic reactions.

I Like It! _

yep!im not a big believer in school or homework.

Tombini (author)Father Christmas2009-04-03

Lol, you're right about pyrotechnics being about fire (pyro=fire technics=study/use of) but airbags DO have an explosive in them!
They are very powerful, in fact if you put your hands in front of the airbag and it goes off, your arms will snap and your face will sustain fractures and breaks!

dang u are me and godhart had the whole fire/explosive discussion already

yeah, i know you already had the discussion, but my comment made you learn about airbags :D

Tru dat!!!!!!!!!!!Well u learn something new each day.

Goodhart (author)sparky232008-10-16

sparklers are technically pyro(fire)technics.


sparky23 (author)Goodhart2008-10-17

they dont explode!!!!!!! why cant they make explosive stuff legal in my state??? oh yeah!!!! the fed is corrupt a bunch of liberals,rights takin,govenment spending,tax raising slime balls! no offense to any democrats;)

Goodhart (author)sparky232008-10-17

Pyrotechnics is the science of materials capable of undergoing self-contained and self-sustained exothermic chemical reactions for the production of heat, light, gas, smoke and/or sound. Pyrotechnics include not only the manufacture of fireworks, but items such as safety matches , oxygen candles, explosive bolts and fasteners, and components of the automobile safety airbag.

sparky23 (author)Goodhart2008-10-17

stil explosions r better

Goodhart (author)sparky232008-10-17

they are definitely better at maiming a person *yes*

sparky23 (author)Goodhart2008-10-18

hmmmmmmmmm u gots to be smarter than the explosives to avoid that

Goodhart (author)sparky232008-10-18

even professionals get maimed now and then...some things are unpredictable...

cornflaker (author)Goodhart2008-10-24

But they are still more fun

Goodhart (author)cornflaker2008-10-24

I one gets older, with death looming a bit closer, they start to make attempts at avoiding it (especially since we heal slower at an older age ;-)

cornflaker (author)Goodhart2008-10-24

That sounds about right, But I'm not that old yet :D

Goodhart (author)cornflaker2008-11-29

Well, hopefully you are careful enough TOO become that old ;-)

Vulcanator (author)Goodhart2009-05-26

you mean 'to' not 'too'

Goodhart (author)Vulcanator2009-05-26

yes, sometimes my keyboardddddd gets carried away when I am typing ;-)

cornflaker (author)Goodhart2008-12-04

Haha yeah I do try to be careful still

sparky23 (author)cornflaker2008-12-12

nah!!!!!!carefullness is overrated!!!!!!!!!!!!u only got one life!!!!!live it man!!just live it!!!!!!!!!PEACE AND JELLO!!!!!!!!!!!

Goodhart (author)sparky232008-12-13

It is best to not shorten it though, if you want to truly live, you have to at least get to be an adult to find out real experiences....

sparky23 (author)Goodhart2008-12-17

nahhhhhhhh just skip to the good stuff at about........................14.woooooooooooooo waiting suxx!!!!!!!!!!!peace and jello

Goodhart (author)sparky232008-12-17

You don't have to wait you have a LOT of things to is not the destination that is the goal, it is the journey there. Enjoy the journey (since the "road block at the end of the road is not conducive to having fun" ;-)

sparky23 (author)Goodhart2008-12-18

hehehehehe dont have to know were you are going provided you know who you are following.hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm what if the anti fun road block occurs in the middle of the road before you reach the destination???or does that atomaticaly change the destination to the spot were the journey was cut short??????yes it does

Goodhart (author)sparky232008-12-18

What I mean is that you can have goals, but they shouldn't be absolute. The journey will be the experience you remember and gain the most from, be it knowledge or just having fun. Don't go so fast to any goal; especially aging, since that moves one closer to the last goal that no one wants to face, death.

Don't wait until you are old and wise for won't be able to do much once you are old....

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