Diy Alcohol Stove *EASY & AWESOME*

Picture of Diy Alcohol Stove *EASY & AWESOME*
This is a video of me making an easy and awesome alcohol stove for backpacking & camping. UT works really well it has become my absolute go to stove & believe me I have a lot.
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Step 1: Watch The Video

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Step 2: Make Your Awesome Stove

Picture of Make Your Awesome Stove
Sawgrass (author) 7 months ago
Please let me know if the video doesn't work this is my first instructable and i dont know how to post a youtube video. Thank you for your patience
Sawgrass (author) 7 months ago
Sorry for the inconvenience. I'm new to instructables. I will do better ones in future. -Matt
zomfibame7 months ago
the only way I was able to get the video to work was to cut n' paste it into my browser's search window. ... the video worked fine like that though.

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