Step 1: To Do a Gummy Banana You Need!

In this instructables I show you how to make Banana from Coca-Cola - is an easy recipe for everyone.

Step 2: If You Want to Know How to Make Gummy Banana From Coca Cola - Just Follow My Video Cooking Tutorial Step by Step!!!

~ First idea you need - 1 banana, Coca Cola (250ml), gelatin (30g).

Step 3: This Idea Is a Life Hack Very Cool!!!!

~ Second idea you need - 1 banana, Coca Cola (250ml), gelatin (30g), scissors and scotch.

Step 4: Put in Refrigerator for 20 - 30 Minutes!

Step 6: Try My Recipe and Create Your Own Tastes With Other Fruit and Jello.

<p>Thanks a bunch.</p>
<p>What's the powder substance?</p>
<p>Unflavored gelatin. You can find it next to ordinary gelatin at walmart.</p>
<p>Wow! looks great and simple :)</p>
Hmmmmmm, this looks like SUCH fun! I shall have to try it tonight, but with Pepsi, NO coke. Lol....thank you for this UNIQUE and WONDERFUL 'ible!
<p>Thank you very much for your appreciation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>

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