Here i am sharing you super easy birthday card which you can make in no time. Happy crafting!!!

Step 1: You Will Need

Scrapbook paper
Round object
Single hole punch

Step 2: For Flower Making

For paper daisy flower
1) draw
- draw circles of different diameter on craft paper
-i made 3 different size circles i.e. 18cm , 16cm and 14cm in size respectively
-for perfect round shape you can use any round object ;)
- cut it carefully with scissors
- now fold it half and make semicircle
-again fold in half and make triangular shape
-now draw shape on it with pencil same i had draw in picture.
-cut it down and now you are having one layer of daisy
-done same with all size of circles.
-now funpart:)!!
Glue different size of circle together and glue rhinestone in centre .
you are done...

For fluffy daisy add more layers of different size of circles.
For this flower i have used 5 different layers:

Step 3: Different Colors of Daisy

For this birthday card
I made 3 colors of daisy
1. Blue
2. Skyblue
3. Orange

For remaining daisy follow the step 2.

Step 4: Glue It on Card

Now take cardstock of your desired size

And glue all the daisy flowers on it.
- for stems i used black sharpie and make dotted line
- draw leaf shape design on craft paper and cut it down
-glue it on stems
-your card is about to complete.
- use single hole punch make tiny round dot and glue on card randomly.
<p>Very Nice birthday card!!!! </p>
<p>Happy to see that you did not use any punch or ready made tools to make it. </p><p>Loving it ... </p>
<p>Hi my name is Julieta Cortes</p>
<p>Well done! beautifully crafted. </p>
<p>thank you...</p>
<p>Beautiful flowers! I love the pink leaves!</p>
<p>thank u</p>

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