Introduction: Diy Christmas Gifts (Polish Parfait)

Picture of Diy Christmas Gifts (Polish Parfait)

This is a simple and fairly cheap DIY Christmas gift!

Materials needed:
Cotton balls
Sparkly craft balls
Plastic win cups
Clear goodie bags
Gift basket shreds
Nail polish
Gift tags

Step 1: Gift Basket Shreds and Nail Polish Bottle

Picture of Gift Basket Shreds and Nail Polish Bottle

Place gift basket shreds at the bottom of plastic wine cup then place nail polish bottle on the center.

Step 2: Add Cotton Balls

Picture of Add Cotton Balls

Place about 3 white cotton balls and 3 sparkly balls around the nail polish bottle. Then add a bit more basket shred on top.

Step 3: Place in Clear Gift Bag

Picture of Place in Clear Gift Bag

Place the cup in a clear gift bag and tie on top with gift tag!


nancyjaneyoung (author)2017-12-05

What a great idea!

Narverua (author)2016-12-07

My girlfriend saw these and made them for all her friends at work. Great idea LoriP!

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