Introduction: Diy Hairspray Powered Pistol

I love weapons. (very much super obvious observational statement of fact) I love playing with weapons, building weapons, looking at weapons, and most of all using weapons. Unfortunately, many of my aforementioned weapons are not small enough to be easily portable. As much as I want to, I simply can't lug my potato cannon everywhere I go. The solution? A small version! Now I can carry a combustion powered hairspray fueled battery firing spud guzzling dart shootin' rocket firing oddly shaped pistol everywhere I go.

This is how I made it. Hopefully some of y'all will build it too!

Sorry its not a regular ible with steps and pictures, but I was so busy filming that I forgot to take any. Oh well, a video is worth a thousand pictures anyway, right?

I have more complete details on my website, here:

Step 1: Shooting Videos

And cause I'm sure your going to want to see what it can do, I am posting these shooting videos from my YouTube channel.

Yes, they are long. But if you are like me, have nothing better to do and want to see what happens when PVC, hairspray, fire, and blowdarts get together, you will have no trouble watching it all.

Have fun and keep building! (preferably dangerous things)



DanaM51 made it! (author)2017-08-26

Hey Jake! Well, I finally got my hairspray pistol done. :) ... All I need now is to get some hairspray and make some ammo. I can't wait to try her out!

Jake_Makes (author)DanaM512017-08-26

Awesome!! Wow, it looks just like mine. Don't know if I should be really flattered or disappointed ;)

Now find something really fun to shoot at!

DanaM51 (author)Jake_Makes2017-08-26

Thanks! It does look like yours, but I did add my own little touch to the barrel, and I used black gloss spray paint.

My hubby want's to try ball bearings.

Jake_Makes (author)DanaM512017-08-26

Ball bearings are fun, although they fly slower since they weigh so much.

DanaM51 (author)Jake_Makes2017-08-26

I actually just got some glass slingshot ammo to try. I'll be testing them out tomorrow.

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