Diy Handcuffs From Zip Ties


Introduction: Diy Handcuffs From Zip Ties

This is a life hack for people who want to be prepared to restrain someone's hands but don't have handcuffs. As you've probably seen in spy movies, people are restrained with zip ties but it has been very hard for me to find ones big enough to fit around my hand. So I decided to share this life hack with you guys so you can be prepared for the worst.

Step 1: Putting It Together

All you need to do is attach all three normal sized zip ties together. It should form a triangle.

Step 2: Putting Them On

To put them on someone all you need to do is pull all three zip ties until they are tight and the tie a length of rope or parachord to hold your prisoners.



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    Very cool, i'll have to try it sometime!

    If you are going to use zip ties as restraints secure their hands behind the person's back. It is very easy to get out of zip tie restraints if your hands are in front of you. Also, I would recommend using the heaviest duty ones that you have.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try to find better zip ties.

    the hardware, and sometimes automotive, department of walmarts have heavy duty zip ties of all sizes. some are even 3 ft long.