Introduction: Diy Hot Glue Phone Case With Finger Loop

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very easy diy project

Step 1: You'll Need the Items Shown in the Picture

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you also need paint... if you decide to paint it

Step 2:

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Trace your pattern on the baking sheet to make the process easier

Step 3:

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make the rope into a loop and glue slightly it above the centre of your phone case

Step 4:

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paint if you wish to :)

Step 5:

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post your finished work in the comments, I'd love to see it....I hope yours looks better than mine :D


janetfi made it! (author)2016-09-22

Awesome idea and fun, thank you!! I didn't know what you meant by "baking sheet" (wax paper? parchment paper?), so I used saran wrap, centering the back of my phone on the wrap, and taping it tightly around on the front. I also used colored, sparkly glue sticks instead of painting after.

As per a different video, I put coconut oil on the saran wrap. I wish I'd done as recommended in the other video and used a heavy moisturizer instead, because the saran wrap would NOT pull away from the glue. :( I had to use an X-acto knife to cut out EVERY little piece of saran wrap. The other video actually showed using thicker plastic (like a bread bag. Maybe the saran wrap was too thin?

I love your design! Problems with my design were that some loops/swirls were only connected at their base, and would've easily broken off if I hadn't re-wrapped my phone and glued (with more red) to make additional attachments to the swirls (white). You really need to connect every line you draw (like you did).

Also, I do not have a steady hand. :) My case is all bumpy. I tried to use the hot metal tip of the glue gun to smooth things out, but I got impatient and stopped. It would've worked, though.

Also also, I accidentally covered up the speaker and the charging port and the headphone jack. LOL! So, I used a hole punch to make the headphone jack hole, an X-acto knife to cut out around the speaker and charging port. Then I rewrapped to add glue to strengthen where I had made the case weak. I love how easy it was to fix problems on this project!! Thanks for the idea!

maria_AI (author)janetfi2016-09-23

Love your case btw :)

janetfi (author)maria_AI2016-09-25

Thanks, ditto!

maria_AI (author)janetfi2016-09-23

I think it's parchment paper :D sorry
My hand wasn't steady either that's why i had to draw the design on the paper first and then trace with the glue..

janetfi (author)maria_AI2016-09-23

Yeah, your tip of drawing first is essential! I'm trying that with parchment paper next, thanks!!

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