Picture of DIY: How to Build a WiFi Robot Spybot
We will be showing you how to build a wifi robot / spybot from scratch. It is a very straight forward project and can easily be handled by a intermediate robot builder. To complete the robot, it will take a couple of hours.
Video of complete robot driving:

Items Needed:

1-Rc Car (new or used, choose one that could easily have a Rc servo fitted in the steering system. We got ours from Radio Shack.)

1-Barracuda wifi robot controller (http://www.robotics-redefined.com, use coupon "instructables" to get 10% off) http://www.robotics-redefined.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=28_30&products_id=62&zenid=c4fd241aa334c50cf189918d38319430

1-Wifi Router ( brand does not matter, we will be using a Linksys)

1-Network Camera (again, any brand will work, we will be using a Linksys)

2-Ethernet Cables

1-5v Regulator for camera (may be different if using a different camera.

2-3 7.2v Rc Batteries (3300mAh or greater recommended)

Misc wire, solder, tape etc.

***NOTE***: As of this writing after testing the wifi robot / spybot, I would encourage the use of a different Network Camera. The Linksys camera worked ok but not great, I have heard good results with the Panasonic line of cameras.

Step 1: Step 1: Hacking The Car

Picture of Step 1: Hacking The Car
To start building your wifi Robot / spybot, gutting of the Rc car is the first step. Take out everything! We got our Rc truck from Radio Shack, but others will work also. We gutted it out and built a roll cage on top. Here is a Picture of the truck gutted and the 3 Rc batteries mounted in the truck.

The two red batteries are to power the main motor and the barracuda wifi controller. While the blue 7.2v battery will power the Linksys router, 5v Regulator for the camera, and the steering servo. Three batteries are not needed, but i just find that it makes the wifi robot / spybot more reliable and allows longer run times. If you opt for two batteries the Linksys router can handle 40v, so you will be fine running it straight off of the two packs. The same with the 5v regulator. Te only problem will be the power for the steering servo, so you will either have to add another 5v regulator and run it off of that or just get a higher amperage 5v Regulator and run the servo and the camera off of it. The latter would be easiest.

cmorisco3 years ago
hello to this project using tp-link and must be used to compile OpenWRT SDK
works for the project
thank you
i cant it can u make a tutorial video pls?
If you install a third-party firmware on your router, depending on the model it may have an internal serial port that can easily be made into an RS-232 or TTL connection for a serial Arduino or other cheap microcontroller that you could use to drive the car.  The only thing you would need then is a camera which you could either use a webcam with Internet streaming or you could hook up a netbook/small PC/PDA/phone to stream video from an internal or USB-connected webcam.  If you have a netbook you can cut out the router altogether and just use the netbook (and built in webcam if it has one) and a USB Arduino to drive the car.
i have a wifi router, i think it has a com/serial port on it, so hor could i controll anrc car with an arduino? and wifi
 And how might you do that? That is a very intriguing prospect... I assume it would require writing your own firmware for the device. Correct?
fridodido3 years ago
use your old camera phone and install mobiola . fit it into your rc .......simple
zandok714 years ago
Can somebody tell where can a buy a wifi robot controler ?
hyruler_4 years ago
this really is cool. nice design.
and to cyrozap=it is really hard....
Is that the M1 or the M2 Barracuda?
mattski4 years ago
Great instuctible, can you use a wifi AP in between set up as a repeater to increase the range?
tzq33tdq4 years ago
this car is awesome and i will make it. Thanks for posting this instructable.
Which truck from radio shack did you get?
The barracuda controller is not on the website and i can not find it anywhere. Does anyone know where i can get it?
so can you control this from anywhere or something as long as you have internet and can you control it from pc cuz i have no idea what this is supposed to do
tpo22chris5 years ago
am i able to put a usb webcam in anyway cause buying an ip camera is very expensive ?
alvarobep5 years ago
Please i need more information about this. And in this link items need the page of robotics-redefined.com the product was not found please help!
bart106556 years ago
Can this same thing be attached to a gas rc car? I might try it
AppleGuy (author)  bart106556 years ago
yea it could the controller I used has two Rc outputs

Is it possible to control the car with a usb device, like a joystick ? I have real life applications for this type of device...!

ok i am going to try it soon thank you
tomtortoise5 years ago
About haw much will this cost if i have the router, don't want a camera, and have the tools
Motts5 years ago
Now all it needs is one of these www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/warfare/8bc4/
jam BD5 years ago
Coooooool =D
thalass5 years ago
Is it possible to control the car with a usb device, like a joystick or steering wheel? Or would that require a different program tailored to that application?

This is pretty awesome. I've wanted to build my own rover since Spirit and Opportunity came online. Roaming the streets, hopping from unsecured wifi AP to unsecured wifi AP, controlled (or commanded) by me on the laptop at home. hehe
tichland5 years ago

please can you tell me  specific detailes to make the regulater board plz 

and also need to now where i can buy the  ip camera because in my country it's above 1200 dollars 

thank for helping 
Dude6876 years ago
can't you just mount a playstation eye in the body of an rc truck
ry259206 years ago
Actually, I saw this guy built routerbot 1 and 2.http://robostuff.com/diy-projects/routerbot-v1 I'm building one soon and I'll use your idea to attach it to an RC truck. Thanks.
cyrozap6 years ago
This reminds me of another wifi robot.
lemonie6 years ago
Cool! L