DIY: How to Build a WiFi Robot Spybot

Step 3: Step 3: Install The Barracuda wifi robot / spybot controller

Picture of Step 3: Install The Barracuda wifi robot / spybot controller
(Picture One)
We started this step out by extending the leads coming from the motor by soldering on extra wire we had laying around.

(Picture Two)
Here is a picture of the barracuda wifi robot / spybot controller. This is what we will be using to control our robot.

(Picture Three)
Here is a picture of the yellow lead from the motor connected to the terminal block. You can also see how the batteries are connected in series to power the barracuda wifi robot controller. On the green terminal block is where we connect the servo. The red wire is connected to the third 7.2v batteries ground and the servo's ground. The white wire is the servo's signal wire. The barracuda has two output ports. Each can individually be configured as a digital or analog input, digital output, or an Rc output making the Barracuda very flexible.
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