Step 5: Step 5: connect everything to the router!

Picture of Step 5: connect everything to the router!
Configure your router to have the base Ip Address of The stock Ip Address for the barracuda is The IP can be changed to whatever you want it to be with the configuration program that comes with it. Connect the camera and the Barracuda wifi robot controller to the router using the two Ethernet cables. Configure the camera to have an ip that works with that of the router and barracuda.

Step 6: Power up and go!

The barracuda wifi robot controller comes with a sample program and source code to drive the car. Power the car up,connect to your camera in the browser, run the sample program for the barracuda and start driving! The barracuda also supports use of a PS3 controller plugged into your computer to control it.

For more info and to see our wifi robot cruising around, check out our YouTube Channel:
cmorisco3 years ago
hello to this project using tp-link and must be used to compile OpenWRT SDK
works for the project
thank you
fridodido3 years ago
use your old camera phone and install mobiola . fit it into your rc .......simple
zandok714 years ago
Can somebody tell where can a buy a wifi robot controler ?
tpo22chris5 years ago
am i able to put a usb webcam in anyway cause buying an ip camera is very expensive ?
thalass5 years ago
Is it possible to control the car with a usb device, like a joystick or steering wheel? Or would that require a different program tailored to that application?

This is pretty awesome. I've wanted to build my own rover since Spirit and Opportunity came online. Roaming the streets, hopping from unsecured wifi AP to unsecured wifi AP, controlled (or commanded) by me on the laptop at home. hehe
tichland5 years ago

please can you tell me  specific detailes to make the regulater board plz 

and also need to now where i can buy the  ip camera because in my country it's above 1200 dollars 

thank for helping