Introduction: Diy IR Tester Keychain

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the simple way to build an ir tester

Step 1: Schematic Diagram

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all you need is a led, an ir receiver and a coin battery

the range is only 5-15cm (good to test a remote control)

Step 2: Print the .stl Files

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print the .stl files or find a nice box for your project

Step 3: Make the Connections

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make the connections and glue the led and the receiver with instant glue

Step 4: End

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glue the two printed parts and add a coin battery

i use CR 2025



ClaudioK3 (author)2017-09-04

Very nice, specially, simple design


andreash79 (author)ClaudioK32017-09-05

thanks!! its the simlest way to test infrared devices (but at small distance)

ClaudioK3 (author)andreash792017-09-05

Thanks for your replay, please tell my when to bay IR - DIODE
Here in Croatia have Chipotle, and have IR-diods
Sorry for my bad English

andreash79 (author)ClaudioK32017-09-06

you can't find ir diode? did i understood right ??

Maximo83 (author)2017-09-02

Maybe not all the people know that you can use your smartphone to check ir using camera app.
just point your remote to te camera lens, and press any button; on your camera app you should see violet light coming from the remote.

andreash79 (author)Maximo832017-09-02

yes you are right!!

but iphone's camera,i think, can't see infrared light

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