Diy Leather Wedges





Introduction: Diy Leather Wedges

To create these wedges I used soles from my old destroyed shoes.

Their soles were very strong and they had perfect height.

Step 1: Shoes Before:

The uppers of those shoes were totally destroyed

but the soles were just perfect.

Step 2: What You Need?

real leather for example from old coat

but you can also use :technical felt, denim jeans

upholstery tacks

hammer or mallet

special glue for shoes

Step 3: How to Start?

Disassemble both shoes

Step 4: How to Create Pattern?

Cut new pieces of the shoes

use old pieces as a pattern

on photo you can see how it looks

Step 5: How to Creat New Wedges?

Glue insoles to the shoes, put books or use vise and leave soles in that state for 24 hours

Glue all parts besides lacings

put the glue in way you can see on photo

Attach leather to the shoes with upholstery tacks

remember to secure the tacks with for example thick paper before you use hammer or mallet

Step 6: How to Tie Shoes?

They are two possibilities for doing it

Step 7: How They Look After?

Ready ''new old'' wedges :-)



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Impressive work. Cute feet. You got my Vote!

I have repaired shoes with porous stuff [leather, wood, cork etc] using white glue. I use the kind that is weather proof. So long as you do not soak them in water they hold up well.

So as long as you put a little glue along with the tacks I think this will hold up well.

I voted for you because I think this is a good tutorial.

Thanks for this :)

thank you :-), I didn't add glue with the tacks but it's great idea !

I am planning to try this weekend if I can identify the problem I am having ;))

Great work! The wedges of your old shoes were not solid cork, but moulded empty, probably not even real cork. So the tacks may not hold too well, but enjoy your great new shoes as long as they hold!!! (Maybe the previous producer wanted to make the shoes as light as possible?)

Hi! Quite contrary it's my old tutorial, I made those shoes something about 14 months ago and I use them very often, ealier before refashion they were used as well. The wedges are solid . It's important to use solid wedges or other shoe soles and upholstery tacks:-) not push pins.

I have tried couple of attempt, results test was ok but it hadn't raised :((