Introduction: Diy Lip Balm

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Supplies: one tablespoon coconut oil or petroleum jelly,one teaspoon flavoring(optional),one teaspoon flavoring (optional),microwavable bowl or cup,stir stick or spoon,and one container

Step 1: Mix Ingredients

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Mix coconut oil and flavoring,microwave for thirty seconds. Stir and add food coloring.

Step 2: Put in Container

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Put melted coconut oil in the container.

Step 3: Put in Freezer

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Put your container of melted coconut oil in the freezer.

Step 4: You're Done!

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Take it out of the freezer and use it!


swymm89 (author)2015-07-14


How do you keep the coconut oil from becoming liquid?

Ilovetocraft (author)swymm892015-07-15

keep in it the fridge or freezer but in the winter you don't need too

Ilovetocraft (author)2015-07-14

Swymm89 in the summer time when it's hot out you should keep it in a cold area such as your fridge or freezer but when it's cold out you can keep it anywhere such as you makeup bag

tomatoskins (author)2015-07-13

Such a great idea! I'll need to try it sometime!

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