Step 1: To Do a Edible Play Dough (Macarons) You Need!!!

Today is such an exciting day, and I'll show you how to make a Macarons from Marshmallows, a play dough video... but this isn't just regular play dough, this is edible play dough!

Step 2: You’ll Never Believe What This Macarons Is Made of Marshmallows Pink - White and Powdered Sugar!

Step 3: Dough It Is Very Sweet and Delicious, Dough From Marshmallows, You Can Really Make Any Shapes That You Want!!!

Step 4: This Is a Very Easy Tutorial and If You Have a Friend to Help Make Your Play Dough From Marshmallows Is Very Fany !!!

Step 5: I Hope You Enjoyed Idea Diy Macarons From Marshmallows | Making Edible Play Dough!!!

<p>Aw, these are so cute and sound super sweet :)</p>
<p>thank you so much!!!!</p>

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