Introduction: Diy Minecraft Roller Coaster

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Here is how to make a roller coaster......
In Minecraft
Hope you enjoy

Step 1: Make the Beginning and End

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The first step is to make where your roller coasters beginning and end will be. This should not use power rail.

Step 2: Up and Down

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Make the roller coaster go up and down by using power rail. I made mine in pocket edition so I didn't need redstone to power the power rail. You will need to use redstone in full edition.

Step 3: Thrillers

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Make some tracks to a glass tube and some leading out from the bottom ( see picture for example). Keeping in mind not to drop to far in survival. Gaps in the track are also fun!

Step 4: Space

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Cut some bedrock for a nice space view (see picture).

Step 5: All Aboard

To let some villagers or animal take a ride push a cart into them and they'll get on.

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