Introduction: Diy Motion Sensing Led (super Easy)

Picture of Diy Motion Sensing Led (super Easy)

it is so easy to make and do not require any microcontroller for it thus no programming required no hassle just simly plug and play


Step 1: Grab Em All

Picture of Grab Em All

led bulb
relay 5v
5v cellphone charger
resistance-470 ohm
bottle caps
pir sensor

Step 2: Why I Decided to Make One

Picture of Why I Decided to Make One

try it yourself

Step 3: Lets Start

Picture of Lets Start

break open the charger to get the circuit without damaging the circuit

Step 4: Cut Off the Bulb Plug

Picture of Cut Off the Bulb Plug

carefully cut off the bulb from bottom without damaging its wires and then snap out the wires

Step 5: Make Holes in the Container

Picture of Make Holes in the Container

using lighter to heat up and make holes
then sand off the rough edges

Step 6: SOLDERING Time

Picture of SOLDERING Time

be careful while doing this

Step 7: Circuit Diagram

Picture of Circuit Diagram

check this out very carefully and precisely before starting

Step 8: Solder All According to the Circuit Diagram

Picture of Solder All According to the Circuit Diagram

you can make a lot of changes but i advice you to discuss them in the comments below

Step 9: Rough Up the Surface

Picture of Rough Up the Surface

for a better glue grip

Step 10: Glue Up Everything

Picture of Glue Up Everything

i used glue gun
its upto you what you want to use to glue it all together

Step 11: Box Em Up

Picture of Box Em Up

fit everything in the box

Step 12: Attach the Pir Sensor (motion Sensor)

Picture of Attach the Pir Sensor (motion Sensor)

and you are ready to go

Step 13: Thanks for Watching--youtube-parv Gupta

Picture of Thanks for Watching--youtube-parv Gupta

you may like some of my other projects, don't forget to check all of em


samee14326 (author)2017-06-27

how much time it can hold the light on ... that is if a person stands below it for a more than 30 minutes does it stay on or it will get off ?

parvgupta001 (author)samee143262017-06-27

it will stay on till it detects movements
and we can even set the pir motion sensor to stay on for upto 10 mins after its last detection of movement

heyitsmekarthi (author)2017-06-27

In your Bc547 emitter has to be grounded and collector is connectED to relay if I am correct..

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