Diy Paracord Guys





Introduction: Diy Paracord Guys

You can put them on almost anything! Purses, key rings, zippers or even backpacks! I love making them and hope you enjoy making them too.

Step 1: Supplies

Red Paracord legs and head12 inches
Black paracord body and arms 22 inches
Ruler (optional)
Key ring (optional)

Step 2: Cobra Braid

So feed the red paracord through the key chain and then start the black paracord with a basic cobra stitch. I found a little picture so I hope it helps.

Step 3: Knots

Once your done with that you should have a head arms, legs and a body! Tie normal knots on the end of the arms and legs. Burn the ends of the knots and your finished! I hope you enjoyed this instructable.

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JessJimi Thank so much for the picture!! And the beads look great