Picture of Diy Pocket-Sized TV-B-Gone
Hello,In my first instructable i am going to show A diy pocket-sized tv-b-gone (If you ask my age, Im 12)
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Step 2: Print the image,

1-With a toner printer, print the layout in glossy paper

2-put the design in a pcb and stick it with tape.

3-With an iron,"Stick" the design for 1-3 minutes

4-while it's hot, put the pcb in water for 15-20 minutes

5-Then, remove the paper, and volia,There it is, but don't shout i finished already...

Step 3: Etch it!

1-Buy some ferric chloride

2-put it in a plastic bowl

3-Put the pcb in the ferric choride and wait 10-15 minutes.

4-Then carefully Remove the pcb and put it in water.

5-The pcb is finished

Step 5: Soldering

Picture of Soldering
Solder the components like this

Step 6: Finished!

Finnaly,You have finished.Now, enjoy your new tv-b-gone
denisjkasai2 years ago
its works with Attiny 85V-20PU?
nodoubtman2 years ago
does it works?
acerpeng2293 years ago
Where did you buy the kit?
Bongmaster3 years ago
considering the lack of vital needed information they they had to use in order to build this, i have doubts they made it at all..

if u had built it u would know the values, components and the code that went into it.
Exactly. No info on etching the board, no info on programming or code, lack of part numbers and values. A 0.5 what drill bit? You mean 0.5 inch or mm? (I know the difference, but many might not.) This looks like what I've seen inside a few of the key chain models. Where did this come from?
Ummm... Why are you people focusing on the negative?!? He already mentioned this was from a store bought kit. duh.... please read before you post. I think it's great someone his age is even interested in fabricating the electronics, not just buying pre-assembled and using.
Look at the dates. He replied in a post that it was from a kit more than a week AFTER my post (to quote you "duh"). Please check your dates before you start flaming peoples posts. It's the only place he admitted it was from a kit. If you read the whole ORIGINAL instructible you would have noticed that it wasn't mentioned anywhere.
At the start of the "ible" there is a link to buy the kit online...... >.> To quote you (please read the whole thing before you post).

It seems like he just bought this and opened the black box so that we just see the circuit and on step 4 all he did was turn the circuit board around!
or just took the pics off of a project site for it.
degenstamm3 years ago
hey do u know what capaciter it is???
A Capacitor Holds Electricity And Emits It All After It Fully Charges A Bit Like A Water Bottle Rocket.
and did u use 1 emitter and 1 detector or just 2 emitters
I think you need to upload a bit of code.
Would it be possible to make a small wire so I can make the LEDs farther from the board, same with the button, can it be done?
raquelha3 years ago
Please don't be so negative give him the benefit of the doubt because I'm SURE these are all actually verified before they could win anything....RIGHT? Hmmmm???? And if not, shouldn't they start? Just curious
isantos (author)  raquelha3 years ago
I agree you
KittyF3 years ago
pardon my ignorance, but what's it for?
isantos (author)  KittyF3 years ago
its a universal key that can turn on/off almost any tv
domints3 years ago
Nice project. But this blue 'capacitor' isn't capacitor, but crystal oscillator, wchich makes Attiny working on set frequency. And nobody can make this project on his own without code which have to be programmed into Attiny. But it's very good project and it's nice that in your age you're interested in electronics and you make something like that :)
isantos (author)  domints3 years ago
I made this proyect with an electronic kit, But i thought it was a capacitor
Zook Jo3 years ago
I find it abit amazing that a 12 year old could manage this (when i was 12 i didnt have much knowledge of electronics, i was more of a wrench monkey), Good job, i might making it.
isantos (author)  Zook Jo3 years ago
randofo3 years ago
Very cool. How did you program the chip? Do you have the code that you used?
isantos (author)  randofo3 years ago
the chip is already programmed if you buy it from the link
mistic3 years ago
I would love to make this.I need a parts types, mfr. USA or Japan?

When I was 12 I was sending morse-code with a one tube xmitter. so- keep up your interests.