Diy Portable Speakers With Bluetooth N Remote





Introduction: Diy Portable Speakers With Bluetooth N Remote

Now in today's world everyone needs everything wireless.who likes mess of wires lying around here n there?

N this is why i decided to build this wireless battery powered portable bluetooth speakers which i can carry anywhere n connect to every possible device that i have.

Moreover,i have tried to keep the price of this item as low as possible by using/reusing some household items such that it can b made at lowest possible cost.

any suggestions or comments,always welcome:)

Step 1: Gather the Materials That U Wish to Use

Step 2: Select the Proper Box/enclosure That U Wish to Use for Your Project

here, i have used thie box,remove the plastic n u have a neat n clean plastic case for your diy speakers

Step 3: Selection of Power Source

Here,i have tried to select the lowest possible battery,such that it is lightweight and easily chargeable.Li-ions hold a lot of charge and are easily rechargeable.I have used this 3.7v battery so that i can use a 5v mobile charger to charge it anywhere using a usb charging cable.

Also i didnt want to carry any extra charger along with me whenever i go for outing in order to charge these speakers.So i preferred to use these batteries imstead of using a 12v battery

Step 4: Charging for the Battery(tp4056)

I have used this tp4056 li-ion charger which is a very good battery charger.u can charge li-ion or li-po cells using this also has some protection features which are as follows

  • Over-current protection
  • Under-voltage protection
  • Over-voltage protection
  • Short-circuit protection

Step 5: Selection of Amplifier and Pre-amplifier

A variety of amplifier are available in the market which you can acutaly use.However i preferred to use a low voltage amplifier for m project.So i chose PAM8403 audio amplifier which is a 3w audio amplifier.It works very well at voltage range 2.5-5v

Also i chose a pre-amplifier that is working on the same voltage range as well.

The pre-amplifier that i have used has a lot of features which are as follows:

  • bluetooth
  • aux input
  • usb
  • sd card support
  • fm radio
  • remote

You can however use the pre-amplifier also of your choice depending upon the features that you wish to have;)

Step 6: Here Comes the Main Punch,the Speaker Drivers:P

Here i have used these speakers because they have a good punch of bass ,which i actually intended to have.You can however use any sort of speaker that you have

The speakers I've used are 4ohm 4watts and 4ohm 3watts respectively.

However you can use any speakers of your choice:)

Step 7: The Block Diagram

NOTE:the circuit diagram is quite obvious and easy to understnad

S1,S2,S3,S4: Speakers

A1,A2: Amplifier

BAT: Battery

CKT: Battery charging n protection circuit


Step 8: Bass Treble Circuit(Optional)

you can skip this step if you want.

I actually wanted a precise control over the sound of my speakers and so i decided to add this circuit

There are 4 trimmers as you can c in the picture.wiz bass treble for left and right channels.

Ive connected it in between the amp n the preamp

Step 9: Cutout for Putting All Insde the Box

Ive done all the cuttings using a very sharp knife by heating it up on a burner.

Heating is so that the plastic doesn't break of pressure n gets easily cut.

After all the holes were cut,i cut the cloth into pieces in size of the box and glued it using fevicol. You can use any thick adhesive of your choice.

Step 10: Glue the Cloth on the Box and Feel the Rich Look of the Cheap Plastic Box:P

fic the speakers n the panel onto the box using some screws n you r almost done

Step 11: Time to Power-on and Dance on the Beats:P

Power it up n woahhhh!

Your speaker is readyto rock!

Any suggestions,questions,always welcome:)




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    18 Discussions

    Was the 4 ohm n 4 watt speaker workin good?can we use a speaker/subwoofer of 4 ohm impedence with a range of 1,2,3 upto 10 watts?

    I have done the same setup with single amplifier, but when power the both the amplifier and audio module from the o/p li ion charging module together, it gets switch on and of frequently, and then I tried audio module is connected to charger and amplifier connected directly to battery and vice versa, then the system get switched on but there is coming a large noise on the output,
    note: there is no problem if I powered amplifier and audio module with two different batteries/power supply.
    please help me

    5 replies

    your amplifier must be taking more current..n datsy your protection circuit is turning the power off because of over current protection feature in the charging module..which amplifier are u using?

    The amplifier is the same which you gave used in this instruct able, based on pam8403. Actually my primary concern is about the noise generated by amplifier, when I searched on the internet I could see it's something related to ground loop issue, while I can see a lot of DIYs are there which are following the same connection I have done and doesn't experience any issue.

    can u send some pics of ur connection? u can mail me at check it out..send me pics of even the amp dat u using..wid actual connection

    Thankyou bro,
    I will send you the pictures of whole setup and modules.
    Please help me to solve this issue.


    All pre amplifier i found in Amazon require 12v power. Can you put here the link to this pre amplifier, works 5v power?


    4 replies

    most of these have 12v written on it..but they also work on 5v supply..all these r low power devices itself

    I refer to board with support FM, SM Card, etc.I feel the misunderstanding and thanks for the answer.

    2pcs Bluetooth MP3 Decoding Board Module with display / USB/TF/Bluetooth/FM/LINE MP3/WMA/WAV audio decoding speakers module
    (from AliExpress Android)
    by the way I found it for much cheap from a local store nearby my house than online!I guess dis is wat u asking me for

    I want that bass treble circuit from where you got that

    thanks in advance and your speakers are also amazing

    1 reply

    Any links to where you got your components. ..Obviously we can search for similar but helps if you know source of parts that have actually worked out well. ..

    1 reply

    Very nice instructable. I will definitely try this one. Gonna buy the components right now.

    Thank you very much for sharing with us!

    1 reply