Diy Puff Ball Out of Yarn!





Introduction: Diy Puff Ball Out of Yarn!

They are really easy to make, fluffy and decorative! They are also cute!

Step 1: Gather the Things You Need!

You need...

1. any color of yarn.

2. scissors

That's all you need for this project!

Step 2: Rap It Up( on Your Hand)

Find the end of your yarn ball, leave an inch and start rapping it around your hand. If you want a big one do it a lot and if you want a small one then do it a little less than a lot.

Step 3: Take It Off Your Hand

Now, when you've got the size you want take it off your hands and lay it on a surface than follow the next step to see what to do after.

Step 4: Tie the Middle

then cut a string that is not really long, but not really short. Then set the piece down and set the yarn that you just made and set it in the middle of the piece of yarn, then tie a not too tight knot.

Step 5: Trim It!

Now, cut all the little loops you just made. Try to cut as much as you can. You can also trim them to the size you want. This is the fun part.

Tip: Don't cut it to short because then all the pieces of yarn you just would probably be pulled out by accident in time and would get smaller as it happened.

Step 6: Bravo! You Made a One of a Kind Puff Ball!

Have fun with your new puff ball! I know I had fun making it!


  • It is really fun. I ...-25kkosiorek

    25kkosiorek made it!


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