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Introduction: Diy Rainbow Melted Crayon Wall Decor

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This rainbow wall decor will really pop on your wall !

Step 1:

First you'll need one red crayon, one orange crayon, one yellow crayon, one green crayon,one blue crayon,and one purple crayon, then you'll need a hair dryer, a 2x2 mini canvas ,a hot glue gun and a paper plate.

Step 2:

Then your going to want to break the crayon so it's about 1/2 of an inch length wise. Then hot glue each crayon on your mini canvas in a rainbow.

Step 3:

Get the paper plate and a water bottle( An empty soap bottle also works)and set the canvas on the plate with the bottle holding it up.

Step 4:

Now set the hairdryer on the lowest setting, but high heat , and start melting the crayons.If you want them to be straight down , hold the hairdryer up so they melt straight.

Step 5:

continue melting until desired. When you are done ,let dry for about five minutes, then hang on your wall. Enjoy!

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    It's so small and colorful! I just love it!

    It would be fun to do a serious of small ones where each one has shades of the same color :)

    2 replies

    Thank you!, please vote for me in the colors of the rainbow contest!

    Thank you so much! And to think about it , that is a good idea!