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Material :
1. Duct tape
2. Scissors
3. X- acto knife
4. Ruller

Step 1:

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First you make as picture and then size not follow me because my size is dependent how much do i enter my brush. i make five slot because i have 5 brush.
roll length could use picture 1 27 centimeters and then width 28 centimeters because my brush length 28 centimeters you should add more distance so as not to look at the time in a roll brush.

Step 2:

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you make as picture this. outboard half and outboard half.. until your distance fulfilled your size.

Step 3:

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after so as figure 1 you must trim edge as figure 2. and then you make 2 as figure 3 for cover or hold your brush not fall

Step 4:

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you make a square wide and take a big square and a small outboard with double sided tape according to the distance you brush off all the double sided tape and can be attached to a small square and press until it is sticky

Step 5:

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you can make up to cover as youwish.if i use like in the picture depending on your creation

Step 6: Thx


Very clever! I could have used this in my sculpture class!

seamster (author)2014-10-02

Nice work!

A shot of the finished product as the main image might be helpful to grab a few more views. Just a tip! :)

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