Introduction: Diy Rubber Band Plane

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Today I'll tell you how to make a rubber band plane in 123design.

Step 1: Creating the Sketch

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To Start,

You have to first make the simple sketch of your plane, you can refer to my sketch, in the sketch you also have to make a notch for rubber band like in the finished picture as well as the wings.

Step 2: Creating the Handle

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For the handle,

you have to first sketch a simple rectangle, extrude it and make a "U" shaped curve in it to hold the rubber band.You can also fillet the edges to make it look good. Refer to the pictures.

Step 3: Congratulations! :)

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You made it :)

For Flying it, refer to the picture.

PS I have Included the stl file of both plane and handle. Please vote me for the "Make it Fly Contest"


106.1828 (author)2017-12-14

Can you give me the lengths of the sketch of Step 1?

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