Diy Sander From Old Motors


Introduction: Diy Sander From Old Motors

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You need sander to make your works easier? Lets make one from trash! You just need a drill and old motors to make the sander. You can use it to sanding a wood, metal, or anything you want to sanding.

This is free to make and very useful if you need this tools.

Now let's make it!

Step 1: Things You Will Need

- Old motors, and take the coil (anysize of motors you want)

- Scissors

- Sandpaper

- Super glue or any strong glue

And some creativity to make it :)

Step 2: Measure the Size of Sandpaper

- Take the motor coil, sandpaper, and Scissors

- Measure the size of the sandpaper like image 1

- And cut it like image 2

Step 3: Glue the Sandpaper

- Glue the sandpaper and make sure the sand paper is strong

- Its look like image 2

Step 4: Take Your Drill

- Take your drill

- Insert the sander into your drill

Step 5: Finish

Now the sander is ready to use. I hope you enjoy this instructables.

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Sorry for my bad english

Thanks for look my works!!



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    1 year ago

    I voted. Nice project, and more powerful than a Dremel.

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