Diy the Best Sunjar in :-)





Introduction: Diy the Best Sunjar in :-)

It is very easy and cheap to diy a sunjar !My circuit can test the sunshine and the leds turn on only at night and turn off while the sun rise again:)

Step 1: The Circuit Programme

The units can easilly got by electronic pcb junks!

Step 2: Assembling

Now let us see how to make it by one wire one pin,and one wire one pin :)

Step 3: Just Have Fun From Your Sun Jar!

Collect the sunshine and keep it until night to use.



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    your doing it again efan over complacating when this will do the same job


    my panels give out 2.5 to 3 volt at 20ma
    what i have just found is 2 in series wont run this circuit with the components i am using diffent pnp transitor and 1k res insted of 5k

    but if i get another to cells wire them up in series and parallel so i get 5-6volts but 40ma the unit works correctly

    you know it might be worth compareing them both see which one is more effecient

    yeah it is a little simpler just messing with the jt side seeing how many leds i can get working

    Yes. very clever design but i still want a simple anti-over-charge circuit.

    a Zener diode would also stop the over charge

    How about this one? but i think it could more simpler.


    i myself would find out what the trickle charge limit is and have a wind turbine run at that and maybe solar to charge it faster during the day as long as these dont go above what you use they wont be any problems