Diy Waterproof Phone


Introduction: Diy Waterproof Phone

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Ever want your phone to be Waterproof? well here's how! put it in a zipblock bag and/or add another one for more protection. That's it no more instructions! I know this is probably the shortest instructables you've ever seen but it could save your phone! Please vote for me in the phone contest!!



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    I actually did this a couple of years ago and while it does help against splashes and such, i found that, more often than not, the phone overheats very quickly.

    I have gone swimming with my phone in a ziplock just to test the concept (the phone itself is IP67 certified) and I do not recommend this for anyone else with a non-waterproof phone as there were water in the bag every single time.

    This might work for splash proofing, but then again, who the heck walks around with a ridiculous bag like that. There are better methods to avoid water damage.

    I use a drybag!? :D

    I use this system in the beach to prevent splashes, salt and sand. I add a pair of little silica bags inside to catch the moisture.

    You should consider changing your offensive name.

    here is a be nice. learn the difference between water resistant and water proof. There are people that are not that smart bro,, we live in 21st century (that's 21 street not twenty first) and if you add up americans and the 21st century you have a flamming ball of stupidity. Apparently one lady here was so anxious to try it she screwed up her phone

    Use freezer double ziplock bags

    I would like to see a photo from your phone underwater, please.

    I tried this once and unfortunately snack bags aren't strong enough to prevent leakage.