This is the plan to make our DIY whistle:

Using a PVC pipe and a whistle mouthpiece you will need to drill holes in the PVC pipe so that it can make different notes or sounds.

Step 1: Step One

You will need a pvc pipe that is 18 inches long

Also a whistle mouthpiece

Step 2: Step Two

Draw dots on the pvc pipe so that you know where to drill the holes.

Each hole should be 1 inch apart

*Donʻt forget to add a thumb hole on the back of the pipe

Step 3: Step Three

Drill the holes where you made the dots earlier.

Step 4: Step Four

Tape the mouthpiece on the top of the pvc pipe with duct tape and your done

Step 5: Here Are the Different Notes

<p>I like your instructions it is very spicific and replicable.</p>
<p>Thank you and also nice trumpet you made</p>

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