I've needed a clamp that will not scratch the piece I am working on. I have tried putting a rag in a vise and holding it like that but I thing a softer material is best for the job. Let's make a wood clamp.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Let's gather the following things.

For our materials We will need
two 9" pieces of wood
Two cross nuts
Two bolts

Jig saw
Tape measure u

Step 2: Layout

Measure 1 inch on the piece of wood and make a mark.now on the top side measure 2 inches and make a line. From the opposite end measure 2 inches and 5 inches.transfer the lines to another face and find the center.

Step 3: Let's Get Drilling and Cutting

Now we need to drill and saw. Sounds simple but be careful.

Step 4: Final Touches

With the holes been drilled out now insert the nuts and bolts. And we are done start clamping stuff together.
<p>Where are the handles ???</p><p>How both jaw are linked ???</p><p>(It seems that the job is not finished as the rod of each jaw is not linked to the opposite)</p><p>I am sorry but I feel this Inst' is incomplete</p>
I personally find that it would not be worth the effort, when you can buy these from Harbor Freight for $8.99 for the 10&quot;clamp, or $10.99 for the 12&quot; clamp.
<p>Could you explain how the mechanism works? A standard screw clamp uses four cross nuts and two threaded rods that have opposing threads on each side. How does this one clamp?</p>
<p>thanks for this simple idea, I too, would really like to see a photo of the open clamp,if you have time please.</p>
<p>Could you please show a photo of the vice assembled but open.</p><p>How long are the bolts?</p><p>I am missing something in this instruction.</p><p>Thank you,</p><p>Mickey</p>
<p>Me too!</p>
<p>Dowel (barrell) nuts can sometimes be had from discarded furniture found roadside, usually like in about 5mm threads.</p>
<p>This looks great. I need to make one of these for my shop.</p>

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