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Here is my last arcade machine. you can see a video here.


BCZF (author)2014-11-16

Very well done!

hitechjd (author)2013-01-25

Nice bartop arcade. Is your monitor horizontal or vertical. Also, what are the dimensions of your cabinet.

fsantana (author)2011-05-21

please do it as soon as possible

fsantana (author)2011-05-15

This is an awesome project! please upload the instructable to page.

MichelMoermans (author)2011-03-05

Yet again, great work!

But I really hoped when this came in my email inbox that it was the long awaited instructable fully explaining how you build these little gems :)

You're clearly very very good at this and as I am a big fan of retro gaming I'd really like a go at my own. There is already one instructable here but I'd like to see as many builds as possible before I start mine :)

Anyhow great work non the less it looks really cool! Is that a jukebox program or are my eyes deceiving me?

newtonn2 (author)MichelMoermans2011-03-05

Hi there! I like retro games too. I have all the videos of how I made the other arcade machine. I just don't have the time at the moment to sort out the videos and do the instructable, but I'll definitely do it as soon as I get some free time.

I installed a Jukebox program with a menu at the start of the computer to choose 4 options, you can see on the video.

MichelMoermans (author)newtonn22011-03-06

I get that, I'm also always in short supply of time :)

Ah the video explained alot :) Thx although the audio is very quiet I could barely hear it.

Did you need some program skills to make the personal start up and menu's or is it explained somewhere?

newtonn2 (author)MichelMoermans2011-03-06

Sorry my camera doesn't record the sound very well. I did the program on Visual Studio Express. It's not too difficult but you need to now a big of programming. But I could send you the program.

MichelMoermans (author)newtonn22011-03-06

I'd love that :) I spend the better part of my day researching it and am quite confident I can pull this off. check your private message inbox ;)

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