Diy Bartop Arcade Machine Cabinet




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Introduction: Diy Bartop Arcade Machine Cabinet

About: Always loved electronics. I like to reuse parts or componets and I Love to be part of the Instructable community.

Here is my last arcade machine. you can see a video here.



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    Very cool!!! What is the software that looks like a jukebox?



    Very well done!

    Nice bartop arcade. Is your monitor horizontal or vertical. Also, what are the dimensions of your cabinet.

    please do it as soon as possible

    This is an awesome project! please upload the instructable to page.

    Yet again, great work!

    But I really hoped when this came in my email inbox that it was the long awaited instructable fully explaining how you build these little gems :)

    You're clearly very very good at this and as I am a big fan of retro gaming I'd really like a go at my own. There is already one instructable here but I'd like to see as many builds as possible before I start mine :)

    Anyhow great work non the less it looks really cool! Is that a jukebox program or are my eyes deceiving me?

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    Hi there! I like retro games too. I have all the videos of how I made the other arcade machine. I just don't have the time at the moment to sort out the videos and do the instructable, but I'll definitely do it as soon as I get some free time.

    I installed a Jukebox program with a menu at the start of the computer to choose 4 options, you can see on the video.

    I get that, I'm also always in short supply of time :)

    Ah the video explained alot :) Thx although the audio is very quiet I could barely hear it.

    Did you need some program skills to make the personal start up and menu's or is it explained somewhere?

    Sorry my camera doesn't record the sound very well. I did the program on Visual Studio Express. It's not too difficult but you need to now a big of programming. But I could send you the program.

    I'd love that :) I spend the better part of my day researching it and am quite confident I can pull this off. check your private message inbox ;)