Diy Phonestand (for Oneplus One or Other Smartphone)




Introduction: Diy Phonestand (for Oneplus One or Other Smartphone)

in this instructable i will be explaining how i made a phone stand out of the box my phone came in.

This is al thanks to barnacules nerdgasm's video so go watch his video to: also my video on this stand

Step 1: How Its Made

So this wont be a in depth tutorial but more a explanation for what to look for and what to do.

so if you bought the phone case for the one plus one youll have a perfect fit for the phone and youll just have to make a little pece to keep it from falling out if shaken (as seen in the pictures).

then to make the charging portion you first plug in your phone and slide it into the holder.

then you will have to take out your phone and kinda eyeball where the hole where you seat the powerplug has to be and cut the hole.
after cutting the hole feed the cable trough the hole's (you'll also have to make a hole for the cable to come out the back) and plug in your phone.
when its in the desired place use some glue to hold it in place so you can take out your phone.
After that take out your phone and glue the bejezus out of that plug so it wont go anywhere ever.

after that you can make the dock as you feel like, if you want your phone at an angle youll have to cut the cardboard and glue it so it sits at an angle its also advised to make some supports for the back of the phone holding part.

i hope that after reading this you know where to start in making a charging dock for your oneplus one or other phone with bottom mounted charging input.



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