Diy Roof Access Ladder.



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Introduction: Diy Roof Access Ladder.

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I always wanted a roof access ladder to easily get to my solar panels and my upcoming wind turbine generator.

I didn't want to spend money on a new Ladder. I have am old aluminium foldable ladder that I hardly ever use. It's long enough for the job to I decide to make a semi permanent installation for it.

I put two concrete blocks for the legs for when rainy season starts, the legs won't sink into the dirt.

I used a dog chain to secure the top and bottom. I drilled the concrete and put in a ring bolt. The bottom of the ladder was chained tightly to this.

Step 1: Securing the Top.

The remainder of the dog chain I used to tie the ladder top to the support beam. There was some play but the ladder couldn't slip off the roof.

Step 2: Secured Ladder.

Looking good and I tested it however the top two rungs prevented easy roof access.

Step 3: Removal of the Top 2 Rungs.

With those rungs gone it's so easy now to get on and off the roof. Easy, safe and low cost solution.

Step 4: Improvement.

I decided I didn't like the slight shifting of the ladder. I used u clamps to secure the top. Now I feel safer going on and off the roof. The chain I removed and stored for some future project.



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