Diy Timer Switch !!!





Introduction: Diy Timer Switch !!!

As you can see from the picture below. Its a simple diy timer switch. Most of the part salvage from a discarded fan. I will show you steps and building material needed to build this timer. It can be use as a timer switch for fan, phone charger and so on......The application is unlimited........Enjoy.

Step 1: Build of Material

BOM List.
1. Salvage timer from old fan.
2. Salvage power plug and wire from the same old fan.
3. Two gang wall socket housing. ( Must select the one as per attached picture )
4. One socket face plate.
5. One cut out terminal block.
6. Three pin wall socket.

Step 2:

Align the old timer switch with the face plate and drill 3 holes as shown in the picture. Two holes for screw and one hole for timer shaft.

Step 3: Assemble Timer Switch

Now, please assemble the timer switch and label the face plate accordingly. Insert the 3 core wire and use the terminal block to link the life (L) wire to timer switch as show in picture. Now use a cable tie to secure the external 3 core wire.

Step 4: Connect the 3 Pin Wall Socket

Now, connect the 3 pin wall socket to the remaining wire with the schematic diagram shown and close the cover. Now we are done.
Happy viewing......cheers.....



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    what does l, n, and e stand for?

    Hi. L=life line. N=neutral line. E=earth line. Thanks.


    What current will that take?
    I've got an old dryer-timer I was thinking of using for something like this...


    Hi. Please be very careful with the load current as the fan timer only suitable for load below 2A with 240VAC.

    @sagutric please tell me from where you get this timer...i can only find washing machine timer with only 15 minutes...what do you mean by salvage fan? I cant find out on google...From which type of shops i can get this timer? please reply...thanx...

    You could user a higher current relay .

    Yes thanks, my timer is different though.


    The timer used here isn't made to handle much current. The one I have is only rated for 2 amps, but you could use a relay with it to switch whatever load you want.
    The timer you have may not be rated for mains switching, in which case you would need a relay and low voltage transformer to power it. If it is mains rated, it should have the max current marked on it.