Diy Wooden Camera Stand


Introduction: Diy Wooden Camera Stand

About: Im a woodworker and restoration painter from Finland with a bloodtype of diy.

Here is on for anyone with diy flowing through your veins. This time we are making a diy camera stand out of some scrap wood.

I prefer guiding people in the right direction rather than just posting a do exactly as my technical drawings and measurements state. That being said - this tutorial is a guide showing you one of many ways to make your own camera stand.
To make this camera stand i used nuts and bolds that i have recycled from broken machines and furniture plus some scrap wood from a garden swing that i salvaged after a storm destroyed the swing.

Step 1: Wooden Camera Stand Parts

Step 2: Mounting the Camera

We need a way to mount the camera!

The first thing to do is find a bolt with threads matching your camera. When done cut 2 smaller pieces of wood where the first part is a smaller part that will mount the camera and the second one will attach the mount to the camera.

For the thread bolt drill a hole all the way thru, then use a bigger drillbit so that you can sink the bolt head in to the wood. Use epoxy to secure the bolt so that it wont spin around.

Drill a hole in the lover end of the longer piece (you can do this later to when the body of the stand is done.

Finally glue the 2 pieces together like iv done in the image.
For the second bolt it would be better to use a wingnut (i used a regular nut but switched it for a wingnut later)

Step 3: Camera Stand Body

Next we make a 2 part body for the camera stand. Cut them to your desired length and cut a groove all the way thru both pieces.

One of the pieces need to be thicker in the bottom part so that there is enough room to attach the legs.

Drill holes in the left piece for the legs, make sure one of the holes is a bit higher up, otherwise your bolts will collide when you attach the legs (in the image i drew the holes just the wrong way). he right part of the body needs one hole in the top part where the camera mount will be attaches with a bolt and a wingnut.

Step 4: Camera Stand Legs

The final piece of the puzzle is the legs.
You need 4 of them, the ends need to be in an angle and the angle will depend on the size of your construction.
In the upper part of the legs you need to cut a little groove so that you can get the bolts tight and it also makes it easier to drill.

I attached the legs as follows,
1 made the groove
2 clamped them to the body
3 drilled holes all the way thru the legs and the body
4 attached the legs with a long bolt and nut

Step 5: Assemble Your Parts

Finally you fit, tweak  and assemble all the parts.
These instructions were also written in Finnish on my blog. Hopefully you found them useful, if you made your own camera stand  i would love to see some pictures.



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