Dj Effects Lights





Introduction: Dj Effects Lights

create a sturdy and versatile effects ligth that can be used in a variety of situations

this is my first instructable so constructive critisim is welcome ;P

1. a small floodlight(mine was $14 from coles)
2. a small box to fit the light into(i used a black plastic rubbish bin)
3. 2-1 inch bolts with washers and nut
4. small piece of wood to cover back of box.

Step 1: Drill Holes in the Box

i used a 3mm drill bit in my cordless and it just raced through the soft plastic..

dril holes evenly in a circle then randomly fill inside the outline

Step 2: Fit the Flood Light Into the Box

mark where your floodlight bracket holes are and drill through the box...

bolt on the flood light in my case 1 inch bolts worked perfectly

Step 3: Cut Out a Rear Panel

take your piece of wood(ply wood would be the best) and mark out the outline of the box cut to shape and attach with your own desired method lol

Step 4: Testing

the fun part this light was primarily created to be placed on the ground and have my smke machince blow at it cause jets of light to rise into the nitgh sky plus as i am an up and comming dj i am looking for a solution to affordable effect lighting i found that this light has an erie wash effect or an oil effect just like a moonflower for $200


needs a pc fan to keep the temp down though
also a rotating colour wheel or gobo would be ideal any ideas plz reply

thnx robbo5121



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    awesome idea. did you think about going with an led spot light instead? don't have to worry about the heat as much. just a thought.

    Hey I made a dmx controller and a stand let me know if you are interested in the designs.

    can you post as an instructable? im interested

    As am I

    as am I - I have been working on several lights and designs - and I was wanting to have them DMX capable, but DMX seems to be out of my price range....

    I like gobo's. they r fun. oh 4 those who dont know a gobo is the thing on the front with the holes. only thing i would change would b 2 put it on a mover. thats it...

    well, great way to do a project that can be modded in mucho ways as new ideas come up...especially since it's a basic construction & low coast...good job man.
    peace out
    rob =][=

    hey yer thnx guys the light was a quick fix and usefull addition to my collection but only used wen the fogger is on. a heat powered fan is a gud idead though mtxe

    I like it, but honestly I keep visualizing a Great White type club fire, do add the ventilation, you can also get fluorescent PAR bulbs at the hardware store, same lumens @ 1/4 power.