Make a Backpack-style Bag for your Drum (with Matching Cushion)

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My mom has a Djembe and she wanted a way to transport it and keep it safe.  I did some shopping around for a bag, and decided that I could make her one as nice (if not better) than what was commercially available. 

It doesn't matter if you are a Busker, Troubadour, Minstrel, or just want to bang on the drum all day; you will enjoy the easy transportation and comfy place to sit that this bag design offers.

I am by no means a professional seamster, and I am sure there are a few things that I didn't do correctly, or could have been done a better way; but I have used a sewing machine once or twice before, and this is how I did it. 

If you know a method or technique that I should have used feel free to let me know in the comments so I can apply them to my future endeavors.

Some nice added bonuses from making it myself:

- I can make it using a fabric that mom likes (90 percent of the bags i saw for sale were plain black)
- A store bought gift has a hard time stacking up against a present that you took the time and effort to make yourself
- I was able to add features she could use, like the seat cushion

Since we live several hours apart,I did not have the drum available when I was making the bag so all I had to go off of was the basic measurements of the drum that I was given
14" upper diameter
7" lower diameter
11" height lower section of the drum
13" height upper section of the drum

I made and assembled everything with the exception of attaching the backpack straps to the bag until I had a chance to see how the drum fit in the bag and how the bag would ride as a backpack.
It was a good thing that I waited because I ended up having to move the top of the straps up about 3 inches from their originally planned location all the way up to near the drawstring channel. 
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