Introduction: Do a Dragon Fly ?

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Hi, do a Dragon Fly?
How to make a Dragonfly out of junk hdd material!

Step 1: Find Some Junk

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here I almost used only hdd (hard drives) parts, but the idea is to use whatever you have in store.

Step 2: Assemble

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draw the design in your mind (my way to work) or on a paper (another way) and start assembling.

The legs were made using welded nails (12 little nails welded together).

Step 3: The Result

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only the legs were welded, the other parts were glued using 2parts resin glue.

Ah! I also used a hard drive as stand.

Hope the pics will be more "explaining"


trouse2 (author)2015-11-16

Can you make a video of how u made it

Splinter Sensei (author)2014-06-10

This is the coolest non-organic Dragon Fly that i ever see. It would be nice to make it stand with it's legs on something, to make it portable without that HDD (don't change anything just modify the legs, make them longer, bend them or something like that), so that Dragon Fly can stand on it's own on some surface. Hope that you will make something like that (or modify your creation). And who am i to give you tips and my opinion. I have zero projects on this website, but i made a profile because i really like this site. It's the beast site ever. Anyway you rock with this project. It's the beast. Sincerely,

Splinter Sensei.

(an idiot who didn't make anything)

nemo13 (author)Splinter Sensei2014-06-10

someone who has ideas is a way from an idiot! in fact the dragonfly is a little bit heavy to stand on its legs, the hard drives parts are realsteel made.... thanks for the comment :-? ;-)

transistor2 (author)2014-05-05

really cool

nemo13 (author)transistor22014-05-07

thanks ??

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