Introduction: Do-It-Yourself Bubblegum Vodka

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Let the fashionista mixology sisters behind the blog Fashionably Bombed show you how to make one of their favorite DIY cocktail projects!

Step 1:

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Adorn yourself with vintage baubles and candy bracelets

Step 2:

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Unwrap 10 pieces of Double Bubble bubble gum

Step 3:

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Cut each piece in half and add to a small mason jar

Step 4:

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Fill jar to the top with vodka

Step 5:

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Tightly close lid on jar

Step 6:

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 Let mixture sit for one week in a dark place, shaking occasionally

Step 7:

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Now go make yourself a Bubble Gum Mojito or a Bubblegum Martini...or both!  And visit Fashionably Bombed for more fabulous cocktail recipes!


myabush123 (author)2017-01-25

wow so fantastic, not

l8nite (author)2012-02-10

This ible should have a warning ! CAUTION danger of over imbibing ! I've infused vodka with everything from gummy bears to habanero peppers now I have a new one to try !

FlatLinerMEDIC (author)2012-02-10

This is unique even though I have a Gum Phobia. So credits on being unique

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2012-02-10

I love all things PINK!

mikeasaurus (author)2012-02-09

As a fellow connoisseur of infusing vodka, I love this idea!

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