Introduction: Do-It-Yourself Dry Toilet 2.Take Your Seats Please! Toilettes Seches.Fabricacion De Sanitario Seco

How to make and fit a dry toilet interior.using reclaimed untreated pallet wood and two PVC buckets (99 centimes each). The whole system including compost heap, cabin and seats cost less than 10 Euros/Dollars in materials. We have been using this system for over a year now and immediately cut our water bills by 70%.
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Comment fabriquer et poser des toilettes sèches en bois de palettes récupérées et non traité et deux seaux en PVC (99 centimes chaque). L'ensemble du système, y compris le composteur, la cabine et les toilettes coûtent moins  que 10 euros / dollars en matériaux.


rimar2000 made it! (author)2012-07-04

Very good work!

Organikmechanic made it! (author)Organikmechanic2012-07-14

Thanks and likewise to you! Have just been looking at your instructables - you have some great ideas!

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