As a Colombian I love coffee, but roasting it has always been a pain in the neck. The other day while I was watching videos I saw an antique roaster being used and I knew I had to make one like that to make roasting easier. I went to the room where I keep my scrap and found everything I needed to make it right at home, so here it is guys. Enjoy it!

Step 1: Materials.

The materials I used are as follows:

- A 3/8" construction rod which was getting rusted in my backyard (2 meter long). 
- A piece of aluminum pipe where the rod will fit loose (for the crank). To be honest, I'm not too good at aluminum sizes, so just look        
    at the pictures please.
- Two tuna cans. 
- A scrap stainless steel sheet that was left from another project (30 Cm X 20 Cm).
- A couple of washers. 
- A short piece of thick wire about 1/8".

You are a genius. I have always wanted to try roasting some coffee beans Thank you for posting this
Be careful. Many cans have a plastic like film on the inside, be sure to burn it off or find a way to remove it. This film can release toxins into your food when heated. With that safety note aside this is a fantastic idea.
You're right. That's one of the reasons I chose to use stainless steel, but I actually forgot to mention that you have to "break-in" the roaster without any beans for at least 20 minutes. Thanks for reminding me. I'm going to update the instructable.
Clever design. <br> <br>This device can be used to roast also sunflower seeds, thanks for sharing it.

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