This all started for me as a joke to my wife. We purchased our home about six months ago and in the back of the house is a open room which has the wood stove. I figured a bar would be awesome.

I started this design in my head and with some small sketches on a piece of paper and many hours of visualizing and planning.

The tools and skills needed for this isn't much honestly. If you can use a hammer, drill, level, router and a saw your good to go!

The hardest part is going to be getting your angles correct for the 45 degree corner but if you doing a different design it will vary.

I kept this instructable somewhat vague as far as my dimensions so you can see HOW I actually did it. Giving dimensions is OK but every bar is different.

Good luck and enjoy! Shoot me a comment if you have a question and I can add pictures or explain.

Summary of materials:

- 3/4" Oak Veneer Plywood from Lowes.
- Solid oak boards for trim from Lowes.
- Oak Veneer Banding from Lowes.
- Standard wood glue
- Natural Bristle brush (3)
- Tack Cloth
- Minwax Satin Spar Varnish
- 2x3's
- 3M Sandblaster Pro Sandpaper
- Nails
- Screws (drywall is OK)

Summary of Tools:

- Hammer
- Nail Set
- Circular Saw
- Table Saw
- 4 Foot Level
- Screwdriver
- Drill
- Sander
- Square
- Router (can use a Japanese saw but would be hard to round the oak trim)
- Measuring Tape

Keep in mind this bar is built for my back room but don't let this stop you! Take your measurments and build a cut list and use the things I go over to build your dream bar!

Step 1: Plan

The first thing I did was start planning out the design and layout of the bar. 


I started with laying out chalk lines/tape lines on the floor where I wanted the footprint. Then I transferred those measurements to paper.

Keep in mind this is the footprint I wanted the bar to be MAX. Subtract the measurements from these outer dimensions.

Once I was satified with the dimensions I used AUTODESK Inventor (because I am a student and could use it free) there are many other options to use such as Google SketchUp and the trusted paper and pencil!

I choose to tackle the learning curve of using a program so I could visualize the project and get approval from my wife not to mention add and subtract things as I was building.

My plan was to use 2x3 pine lumber to make a sturdy skeleton on which I would lay my oak veneer plywood on. After a ton of research I found this to be the best for the tools I had on hand.

<p>Nice job, quick question, did you secure your bar top just to the 2x3?</p>
Yes, then putty filled the holes and stained, you can see them but I didn't think of a better way at the time. Its held up great but if I was to do it again I would probably double up the bar top with two 3/4&quot; pieces laminated together and then screw up from the bottom.
What was the width of the bar top. Thanks
<p>Hi Lance, do you remember the approximate cost of materials? Thanks. </p>
No, not really honestly. I pulled a bunch of the parts from around and it was quite a while ago!
Wow that turned out really well! I'm thinking of making a similar bar later on in the year for my Woodtech class, and if I do ill put it up so you can see
<p>Thanks! If you have any questions shoot them my way. </p>
Yo we definitely have to talk about this tomorrow. I like this idea for my house. I am just trying to figure out where I will put it.
This is why i love instructables people,this man is an electronics wiz going for an EE degree,but still can do carpentry work ,jack of all trades kinda guy :)
What an awesome build!! Great work.
I would suggest changing your main image to a picture of your finished product. <br /> <br />Thanks <br />Audrey
Good idea I will get on that.

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